My name is Norman, and I live a secret life. It’s time for me to admit this to the world…”

I do not speak for the Chargers organization or the NFL, but I hope to be the forum for Charger fans, like myself, and others with information about the Chargers to speak.

I’ve been a die-hard San Diego Charger fan since 1969.  I fondly remember many of the great players to suit up in the powder blue & lightning bolt uniform of my hometown team. Legends like Lance “Bambi” Alworth, John Hadl, Deacon “The Secretary of Defense” Jones, “Big Hands” Fred Dean, Louie Kelcher, Dan Fouts, Marion Butts, Natrone Means, Kellen Winslow (the good one, not his tattooed freak son!), Junior Seau (RIP!), , and of course LaDainian “LT” Tomlinson. This parade of NFL legends included some of the best coaches the NFL has ever seen – Don “Air” Coryell, Bobby Ross and the guy who did nothing but win, Marty Schottenheimer.

Some of my most cherished memories include the 1980 playoff game when JJ (John Jefferson) outleaped Lester “The Molester” Hayes to eliminate our most hated enemy – the Oakland Raaaaaiders! Who can forget the 1982 playoff game in Miami when a battered & bruised Kellen Winslow blocked the only field goal of his career and had to be helped off the field by his teammates. That was an AMAZING game! In 1994, I was at Qualcomm stadium to greet the players  when the Chargers upset the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers!  So many fantastic memories!

On the flip side, I will never forgive for the Chargers management for what they did to our team.  Countless poor decisions by Gene Klein and the Spanos family have tarnished a once proud franchise.  How insane was it when Klein traded Freddy Dean to the Niners, thus crushing our Super Bowl hopes in return for a 2nd round pick?  All because Dean felt he deserved a little more money for being the giant stud that he was!?  This one move kick-started the Niner dynasty of the 80’s-90’s!  Klein was a bigger tight-wad than me, and that’s saying a lot! While on the topic of bumbling idiots, we come to John and Dean Spanos.  Simply too many horrible decisions to list here and now, but why not visit a few of them?  Let’s start with a whopper of a head-scratcher, letting Drew Brees go (2006) without even getting so much as a 7th round pick in return!  He has gone on to light up the record books, win a Super Bowl, become an endorsement god & practically be named the mayor of New Orleans.  It doesn’t get much dumber than that!  Then there’s firing Bobby Ross (won 47 games in 5 years, took them to their only Super Bowl) & then Marty (won 47 games in 5 years, ’04 NFL Coach of the Year,14-2 the year he was fired – no, that’s true!). All this, simply because the senior management and the coaches couldn’t get along.  It sickens me to think of what could have been.  Damn you, Spanos!  You should have fired the GM (AJ), not the coaches!  To be kind, I’ll give you a mulligan for doing it once, but you screwed football-loving San Diego fans over two times!

I hit the boiling point in 2008. I was so infuriated with team management that I posted an enormous, eye-catching banner outside my business location (80,000 cars a day pass by!) which read “Axis Of Evil: Spanos/AJ/Turner.”

After all those wonderful memories and a handful I’d prefer to forget, I’m still here!  Today, I’m a big fan of Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Eric Weddle, Keenan Allen and the other players that make up our roster.  But I’ll never be a fan of the Spanos clan.  I’ve finally come to terms that my hometown team, part of my life for the last 40-some-odd-years, is going to move to Los Angeles.  It’ll be a sad day for me, my family and this entire city.  With that in mind, I decided that true Charger fans need a place to voice their opinion about the impending move, team ownership & anything else Charger-related that they want or need to vent on.  I created this site with the motto “By Charger Fans, For Charger Fans.”